The Exhibition

Layers of Vision is an art exhibition that explores the experiences and perspectives of blind and partially sighted (BPS) artists living in a world made for sighted people. In meaningfully co-created and joyful ways, Layers of Vision raises attention to, and challenges, the barriers that people who are blind or have sight loss are facing in everyday life. It does so by exhibiting ten artworks that celebrate and creatively explore accessibility.

Each artwork, in its own way, appreciates different forms of vision and features multisensory elements to foster engagement, stimulate discussions, and question common views and practices around access and disability inclusion in the arts and beyond.

Experiencing Layers of Vision

Feel, Follow, and Find your journey through Layers of Vision.


the wall-mounted 3D map to experience a snapshot of the gallery space and exhibition layout.


in an anticlockwise direction, our wayfinding signage on the floor to experience the artworks.


close to each artwork a station that holds information on the artwork in following formats: printed text, large text, braille, and audio descriptions. QR codes will lead you to each artworks' digital presence.

Listen to Dr. Katharina Husemann describe the exhibition


Hover over the floorplan to get a feel for the gallery space. Click on the squares in the floorplan to learn more about the artists and artworks in Layers of Vision.

Floorplan map This map displays the artworks following the pathway from entrance to exit on location. The list of artists follows the same order and links to the artists' pages.


Curational Support and Access Advice: Shape Arts and Zoe Partington
Design: Praline
Build: MER Services and Whitewall
Graphics: Praline
Audio: Sam Beer Sound
Website: Praline and King's Digital Lab

Layers of Vision is an exhibition devised by Dr Katharina C. Husemann (King's Business School), Dr Anica Zeyen (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Dr Leighanne Higgins (Lancaster University Management School). It is based on their ongoing research in which they explore how museums in the UK make their art collections accessible to blind and partially sighted visitors. Layers of Vision is presented by King's Business School with funding from its Innovation Fund. The exhibition is supported and produced by King's Culture and the project website by King's Digital Lab.