Mickel aka Ebony Rose Dark

Artwork title:

Capturing Movement in Motion

Year: 2022

Type of work: Audible experience using audio description

Size of the work: (ca. 4 min.)


Capturing Movement in Motion is an audible experience describing two images, one of which is blurry. This is how I see as a visually impaired person. The other is clear, which is how my vision changes depending on the lighting and the contrast in colours around me. The audible experience explores what it is like to be heavily reliant on contrast lighting magnification in order to create a clear image. The audible experience can be experienced while sitting down, standing up or moving around.

Listen to the audio description.
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Artist Bio

Mickel aka Ebony Rose Dark is your all singing/all dancing, Lip Syncing, Story Telling, Miming V.I.P/ Visually Impaired Cabaret/Performance Artist. She is known for her performances around disability, ableism, racism, and relationships within the LGBTQ+ community at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Bar Wotever. Her cabaret and dance performance is a continuous exploration of embracing both femininity and masculinity. She also has been researching and developing their cabaret works with audio descriptions. Mickel aka Ebony Rose Dark has performed nationally and international at venues including The Tate Modern, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012, Leeds City Art Gallery, Lyric Hammersmith, The Wardrobe Theatre Bristol, Southbank Centre and The Queen Elisabeth Hall.