Clarke Reynolds

Artwork title:

Fab too Touch

Year: 2022

Type of work: Braille touchable pop art

Size of the work: (208 × 80 cm)


This piece is about what people may often see when they see a blind person "Oh that person is blind, they cannot see anything". But blindness is a spectrum and there is so much that people, and galleries, do not understand around sight loss. When people see the Fab ice lolly that's all they see. But there's so much more hidden in the image... "just like me..." says the artist. The Fab ice lolly can be touched by everyone, but only truly understood by those who read braille. For those who can’t there is an audio-description.

Listen to the audio description.
A montage of three perspectives of the work. The central image shows the colourful shape of a Fab lolly is shown on a bright blue background. The image is made of braille in spots of different colours to show the lolly’s chocolate-dipped top, bands of red and white and the lolly’s stick.
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Artist Bio

Clarke Reynolds is a visual artist who describes himself as ‘registered severely sighted’. His artistic language is braille, the tactile coding system which is made up of a six-dot cell. Words are important to a visually impaired person, so he uses the braille dot to be a vessel to hold words through shape, colour and size. Over the past 18 months, Clarke has been exploring braille as a visual language. In that sense he is a braille typographer making a tactile experience also a visual one. His aim is to bring braille into the 21st century through workshops, exhibitions and public art and be a role model for people of all ages with visually impairment.