Aaron McPeake

Artwork title:

Subjective Acuity

Year: 2022

Type of work: Installation of prints on aluminium and bell-bronze castings.

Size of the work: (Prints on aluminium (29 × 80 cm each), Bell-bronze castings (20 × 7 cm each).)


Subjective Acuity is an installation that uses print and interactive bronze sound sculptures drawing on the theme of the Snellen Chart and the measurement of visual acuity. The lived experience of the artist has been included literally, with distorted imagery, as well as metaphorically, with the idea of sound being an important element. By making the prints ‘larger than life’ and providing touch and sounds elements, Aaron brings access to life in this artwork.

Listen to the audio description.
The rightmost image shows two white Snellen charts used by opticians. They are aligned side by side. The chart on the left hand side shows distorted and blurred shapes which are assumed to be the blurred letters of the chart. Whilst the second chart on the right hand side shows the lettering perfectly crisp and clean. In the leftmost image, a 4-piece metallic mobile is shown with engraved Snellen charts hanging from the ceiling.
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Artist Bio

Aaron works as a sculptor and filmmaker with sound at the centre of his practice. Most of his sculptural works are designed to be physically interacted with by beholders creating a multi sensory engagement, which he believes, provides added agency and meaning as well as adding to potentials for interpretation. Having lost much of his visual acuity at the beginning of the century, this situation has informed his artwork, research and methods of practice. He sees in detail at six metres, what most people see at sixty. However, the importance of sound, touch and smell are not elements that are intended to replace the importance of the visual in his work but rather to add to it, providing a more complete experience. He has exhibited widely nationally and internationally (including USA, Australia, Czech Republic, Spain, and Sweden) and has completed a number of public sculpture commissions. He is currently Lecturer and Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL).