Bianca Raffaella

Artwork title:

In The Rose Garden

Year: 2022

Type of work: Collage installation of tissue paper and acrylic on four canvases.

Size of the work: (90 × 65 × 1 cm each)


In The Rose Garden is a polyptych image of a wild rose bush. The coloured image on the top left shows the rosebush how Bianca sees it through her left eye. The coloured image on the top right pictures the rosebush through her right eye. White versions of the same rosebush images sit below the coloured ones and represent what it is like to rely on touch but no vision. This artwork challenges the traditional and the inaccessible in the contemporary visual arts.

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This image comprises of four canvas images; two white, two yellow in colour. Each canvas has textures built up through soft sponged marks and relief tissue paper,depicting roses and leaves. The coloured paintings are washed in a warm glow of pale pinks, yellows and touches of green.
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Artist Bio

Bianca Raffaella is a London-based fine artist. Graduating with a First Class (honours) degree 2016, where she was the first registered blind student to graduate from Kingston University with a degree in the Visual Arts. Since then, Raffaella has travelled internationally delivering lectures and contributing to interdisciplinary projects such as a collaboration with Institut Français de la Mode (IFM), where Raffaella was an invited fashion designer along with CHANEL to work with MA students on a collaborative fashion marketing project for a sensory fashion collection. In 2016 – 2018 Raffaella was selected as a keynote speaker for the ‘Beyond Seeing’ project at the Goethe Institute in Paris, where she presented her work and design methods to a group of international, fully-sighted, blind and visually impaired students and lecturers in 2019, Raffaella was awarded the NatWest Entrepreneurship Funding Prize for a bespoke sensory fashion label. 2022 - 2023 Raffaella will be exhibiting her first solo show, titled ‘Hushed Impressions’ at Orleans House Gallery, as part of an emerging artist residency program. ‘Hushed Impressions’ will be a multi-sensory exhibition focused on accessibility in the visual arts.