Alice Christina-Corrigan

Artwork title:


Year: 2022

Type of work: Live performance and interactive collage on canvas.


Inner is an interactive collage that is born during the artist’s opening night live performance, and continues to grow through contributions of visitors throughout the exhibition run. The performance is underpinned by a dynamic sound score using paint, materials, and sensory exploration to evoke unique storytelling, and to push creative integrated access across artistic forms. It raises attention to the experience of being overlooked, underrepresented, and easily stereotyped, yet results in a beautiful collaborative collage, uniting us with the shared experience of humanity.

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Artist Bio

My name is Alice Christina-Corrigan and I am a white woman in my 20s, and I'm currently not in the space with you. But what you're standing in front of is something that began during the live launch of the Layers of Vision exhibition during a live performance I done, called Inner. It began with a blank white canvas leaning on a brown wooden easel completely bare. And as I performed, I left two bright pink painted handprints in the centre of the piece, and the rest of what surrounds the canvas was created by members of the public and potentially made by you, yourself! The easel stands next to a table full of different materials, from pens and pencils, felt tips and biros reflecting every colour of the rainbow, to materials and colourful tin foil, to a wooden stamp box with the letters of the alphabet and numbers, to glue, sellotape and little fluffy dots, feel free to add whatever you may wish to create an image is so powerful that it reflects the colourful world we live in, regardless of our identity, background and disability. Inner started by me, but was created by us all. And for more information on what the canvas looks like right now, which is something I don't even know myself, feel free to ask somebody who was working at the gallery.