Natalie Doig

Artwork title:

Seeking Solitude

Year: 2022

Type of work: Four photographs accompanied by soundscapes

Size of the work: (40 x 60 cm)


This photo series captures Natalie’s pursuit of solitude – on her own terms. Like many visually impaired people, Natalie experiences barriers to safe, spontaneous and independent travel, and choosing to be alone. The soundscapes reflect her experience of the locations. 1. Blue Edinburgh morning, with distant and close birds chirping. 2. Alone in a crowd, with people chatting and distant bagpipe music. 3. Made small by nature, with birdsong, and wind swishing through tree branches. 4. St Cuthbert’s Isle of dreams, with wading sea birds and distant grey seals

Listen to the audio description.
The image shows 3 of the 4 images that comprise this work; image one at the far left corner, shows a cityscape of Edinburgh at sunset with the majestic castle in the background. Image two second from the left shows a tourist looking into the camera with crowds surrounding him in the busy cityscape. Image three, third from the left shows a majestic tree with a small individual looking upwards at its magnificence. The final image on the right hand side shows a seascape with a green island off in the distance.
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Artist Bio

Natalie Doig explores life through a camera lens. Born with cataracts which were removed along with the lenses in her eyes as a baby, Natalie uses photography to better understand the world around her and to represent her unique way of seeing. Natalie also uses sound and voice recording to capture the places and people she photographs. She has a particular interest in nature photography along with exploring colour and light. After a short spell as an English and Drama teacher, Natalie has spent the last 23 years working as a disability campaigner, and Diversity and Inclusion specialist. Her interests are in championing better access in public transport, the arts, and video gaming. When Natalie isn’t taking photographs or campaigning for disability rights she enjoys writing, walking, riding offroad on her mountain bike, and baking.