Fae Kilburn

Artwork title:

Breaking Down Barriers

Year: 2022

Type of work: Silkscreen print and textured wall vinyl

Size of the work: (125 x 182 cm)


The wall vinyl shows a close-up portrait of a visually impaired female, with quotes from other blind and partially sighted people overlying it in text made with a textured surface. This piece explores the stigma faced by many and the preconceived ideas people have of what people with sight loss can and cannot achieve, to the rich and stimulating ways sight loss often informs an artist's practice. Fae has also created an A3 zinc etching of the piece, that offers visual and tactile contrast.

Listen to the audio description.
This image shows 2 perspectives of the physical work, showing words which are shared in the audio description and transcription in full scrawled over a distorted image of a female face. The colors are dark-brown to black for the portrait of the face with the letters shown in a bronze-brown colour.
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Artist Bio

Fae Kilburn is a Midlands based artist and arts facilitator, specialising in printmaking with a Masters in Fine Art. A large part of her practice is the relationship with materials and tactile nature of the different processes. Fae actively encourages people to physically engage and connect with her work. Creating disability awareness through art is an important part of her practice. As is incorporating the narrative of other disabled people in her art and making her workshops and participatory events accessible and inclusive. Fae aims to raise awareness, challenge preconceived ideas and highlight the stigma faced by many. She has exhibited regularly in the UK, and with thanks to grants from Arts Council England, worked internationally where she was artist in residence in Canada; this led to further residencies and exhibitions.